How can we prepare with cases on the rise, yet again?

How can we prepare with cases on the rise, yet again?

More than a dozen states are recording their highest averages of new cases since the pandemic began, and hospitalizations in at least nine states have been on the rise since Memorial Day.

Many health experts say the surge of cases directly coincide with the end of stay at home orders and aggressive reopening of businesses, especially in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina which have become hubspots for the virus.

States such as New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts with much stricter lockdown measures that have cautiously reopened have seen a significant decline in cases.

No matter where you live, we highly recommend practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public settings to slow the spread of the virus.

If this pandemic becomes the new normal, are there any other precautions we can take? Can we actually prevent viruses in general? Can we actually boost our immunity?

What we can do is lower our risk of getting a virus.

One of the best preventative measures we can take is strengthening our immune system, which can improve our defense against catching a virus or any contagious disease.

Doctor's Biome contains 15 different strains of probiotics or healthy bacteria, that can help boost your immunity. Since 70% of our immune system is connected to the gut, making sure our microbiome is well balanced with good bacteria is highly recommended.

Probiotics aid in restoring the intestinal barrier, which prevents destructive microorganisms from entering our bloodstream. This protects our body from harmful bacteria, thus boosting our immune defense.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure - which is why following the necessary safety precautions and boosting our immunity are paramount at this time.

According to WHO, we can wash our hands:

  • after coughing or sneezing
  • when caring for the sick
  • before, during, and after preparing food
  • before eating
  • after toilet use
  • when hands are visibly dirty
  • after handling animals or animal waste