What can we do in the midst of COVID-19?

What can we do in the midst of COVID-19?

There has been a lot of sensationalism surrounding the coronavirus or COVID-19. The hype has been spreading faster than the disease itself.

According to CBS News, at least 27 people have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. and 22 of them in Washington state, and most of them from a single nursing home in the Seattle area. The other deaths occured in California (2), Florida (2), and New Jersey (1). 

What makes matters worst are companies trying to profit from rising fear and paranoia with pseudoscience and misinformation. We strongly recommend being cautious of any products offering anything "anti-viral."

Any medical professional knows that the only thing that is actually anti-viral is a vaccine. Currently, more than 30 companies are working on a vaccine for COVID-19.

So far, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates COVID-19’s fatality rate to be about 3.4% globally, which is still lower than other recent coronavirus outbreaks, including SARS and MERS. It is very contagious, but people who get COVID-19 will recover in a week or two, without the need for hospitalization.  So far, 15 patients have recovered from the virus. 

What has people panicked is that it’s new. We all fear the unknown, which is why Doctor's Biome wants to provide you with accurate, scientifically-based evidence to get a better understanding of COVID-19, instead of buying into the hype.

SARS disappeared just four months after it caused a global panic. The companies that had begun developing vaccines against it had to abandon their trials because there just weren’t enough patients.

Is there any way we can prepare if COVID-19 continues to spread? Can we actually prevent viruses in general? Can we actually boost our immunity?

What we can do is lower our risk of getting a virus.

According to WHO, we can wash our hands:

  • after coughing or sneezing
  • when caring for the sick
  • before, during, and after preparing food
  • before eating
  • after toilet use
  • when hands are visibly dirty
  • after handling animals or animal waste

In addition, we can strengthen our immune system, which can improve our defense against catching a virus or any contagious disease.

Doctor's Biome contains 15 different strains of probiotics or healthy bacteria, that can help boost your immunity. Since 70% of our immune system is connected to the gut, making sure our microbiome is well balanced with good bacteria is highly recommended.

Probiotics aid in restoring the intestinal barrier, which prevents destructive microorganisms from entering our bloodstream. This protects our body from harmful bacteria, thus boosting our immune defense.