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Frequently asked questions

Why is one of my bottles extra fizzy?

During shipping Doctor's Biome Colon Health may vibrate while in transit. This can cause a little extra carbonation within the bottle.

Why does my bottle pour slowly or not at all?

The fiber within Doctor's Biome Colon Health is solidifying at the top of a bottle. This is normal and can be removed with a few drops of water, then shaking the bottle. Keep Doctor's Biome refrigerated to ensure the longest shelf life possible!

What is the Daily Dose?

One 2oz bottle per day is the recommended dose of Doctor's Biome Colon Health

When is the optimal time to consume?

For best results, take Doctor's Biome Colon Health first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before eating or drinking

Is it Doctor's Biome organic?

Yes, Doctor's Biome Colon Health is made from all organic certified ingredients

What are the ingredients in the juice?

Organic mint, kale, lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon juice sustain the colony forming units inside Doctor's Biome Colon Health

Which bacterial strains are in Doctor’s Biome?

Find a full list of strains on our product's page : Doctor's Biome Colon Health 

What makes Doctor's Biome Colon Health different?

Doctor's Biome Colon Health contains 15 strains of probiotics living from inception to ingestion , whereas most probiotic products on the market contain freeze-dried bacteria

Who do I contact if my package was damaged?

Please email or call 631-240-3066

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