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If you're done suffering from digestive issues, we have an important message for you. The information on this page may change your life. To learn how, please read all the way to the end.

Hello, I'm Dr. Howard Robins.

In 1973, I received my doctorate from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. At several nursing homes, I served as the Director of Podiatric Medicine, and this woke me up to a crucial fact we all understand at a fundamental level: Prevention is better than a cure. The pharmaceutical industry made a lot of money off of treatments and cures, so I sought another way.

After six years of practicing standard modern medicine and surgery, I delved into the world of alternative medicine, where I gained expert knowledge of natural healing and bio-oxidative therapies.

My use of medical ozone when treating serious infectious diseases led me to probiotics as a treatment option. But it also opened my eyes to the limitations of current probiotic products like those on the shelves at your local grocery or health food store.

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and constipation are often advised to, “Take a probiotic.”

The problem is, probiotics don't work. Not even a little bit; they're no better than placebos!


The gut microbiome is just as important as any organ. There are more bacterial cells in you than human cells, and the ones in your gut are among the most crucial of those bacteria. From birth, the gut microbiome helps you digest your food and keep your immune system in balance. They may even affect your weight. The various antibiotics we take to fight off diseases destroy this microbiome, and several supplements have been released to take care of this issue.

Probiotics are in every pharmacy, and everyone says they're good for you. Pop a pill, problem solved.

But here's the problem: You know most probiotic brands?

The kind you get off the shelf at your local health food store?

The kind you might take to manage your gut problems?

Products that are supposed to help you avoid all the discomfort of an unhealthy gut microbiome?


Maybe you have IBS. You heard that probiotics are supposed to work, that they're helpful and healthy. But when you grab one off the shelf at your local pharmacy, it doesn't make a difference.

Maybe you struggle with bloating. Even though you know about your gut biome and what healthy bacteria strains do in your body, none of the products you take give you any relief!

Maybe you experience chronic constipation. You waste time in the bathroom when you could be enjoying the company of your friends. You have to watch how you eat, lest you end up taking another long trip to the bathroom. If anyone asks what the problem is, you're too embarrassed to say; who wants to think about that, anyway?

Maybe you just have a lot of gas. That's a whole other level of embarrassment that makes every social situation awkward. You don't want to come off as a filthy slob—you want to mingle with people and have a real social life.

You're frustrated. Uncomfortable. Tired of feeling awful after every meal. And you're scratching your head, wondering what you're missing.

Maybe you're looking at our products and saying, "Why would I pay over a hundred bucks for a probiotic when I could go to my local drugstore and get a bunch of capsules for fifty?" Those "cheaper" alternatives have one problem.

They simply DO NOT WORK.

Even the scientific community knows this. Over 1,300 peer-reviewed papers show mixed results in clinical trials with conventional probiotics on IBS and other digestive diseases. Some say "no benefit" at all, and others say "some improvement" was shown.

But probiotics are supposed to help. Are all these companies selling sugar pills and calling them supplements? Here's the truth as we see it.

Eran Segal and Eran Elinav of Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science did an extensive research study on probiotic survival in the digestive system.

What they discovered was astounding!

They sought a direct assessment of how probiotics interact with what's already inside the gut. So they collected thousands of samples from a small group of adult volunteers who were given probiotics.

The volunteers all underwent multiple colonoscopies and endoscopies. Segal and Elinav looked across the entire gastrointestinal tract at places nobody had before! With endoscopies, they looked down the swallowing tube, into the stomach, and into the first part of the small intestine. And then with colonoscopies, they looked from below into the colon.

Then they gave some of these volunteers a large combination of probiotics available on the market. Meanwhile, half of the individuals were given what we call placebos, or empty pills.

The results were striking!

In half the test subjects, the probiotics they took in just went out. And they didn't populate the gut. Simply stated; when probiotics do not stay in the gut, they are unable to provide their benefits.

Most of us assume that these probiotics will settle in the gut, at least temporarily. There, they’ll do the good things we expect them to do. But they don't.

Thus synbiotics, or a combination of probiotics and prebiotics (the food that healthy bacteria eat) can work much better than probiotics alone. But like the conventional probiotics, the clinical trials with prebiotics had mixed or poor results.

Why? Scientists discovered that capsule, powder, and tablet biomes are destroyed or go right through the system without doing their job, even when combine with prebiotics!

In hindsight, it should have been obvious: The stomach is designed to destroy microbes. It doesn’t discriminate between viruses or good and bad bacteria. The acid of the stomach burns all. How could anyone think that the weakened bacteria stuffed into these pills will survive the harsh environment of the human digestive system? It is utter lunacy.

And yet, these worthless supplements sell, repeating mantras like “gut health” and “microbiome” without giving real relief. But we try this pill, and the next one, and the next one; forever hoping that maybe one of these bacteria can do their job. They never do.

That's where WE come in.

With Doctor's Biome, technology that was years in the making, we deliver billions of bacteria from fifteen patented, living and thriving strains.

Instead of breezing right through the colon and getting flushed down the toilet, they stick around to infuse the gut with energy and health.

Unlike capsules and tablets, Doctor's Biome offers a living synbiotic in a daily 2 oz. liquid shot bottle.

What does this mean? These colonies of bacteria are living in a unique blend of 100% organic vegetable and fruit juice. Unlike tablet and capsule probiotics, they're not freeze dried into suspended animation (or worse, killed in the production process), leaving you to hope they'll come back to life in your gut somehow.

Our product is handcrafted in small batches by our team of doctors. And it delivers healthy bacterial colonies that are not only alive but growing, proliferating, and increasing in strength. It tastes good, too!

Unlike conventional probiotics, Doctor's Biome won't dissipate in your stomach and be converted into waste. Our living bacteria strains will reach your colon safe and sound, protected from the perils the digestive system puts microbes through. They will stay in your gut and continually do the hard work necessary for improving your health.

All the drugstore brands do is give you stools with extra weird stuff in them. For all they're worth, most other probiotic brands might as well be laxatives; at least they would serve a useful purpose (something you already know if you have tried all the rest).

And unlike the products on a shelf, Doctor's Biome comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee: If you're not thrilled by how it makes you feel, let us know and we'll send you back every dime you paid.

You could go with something from your local pharmacy. And maybe it can help your IBS or your other gut conditions …

… if the tablet survives your stomach acid

… if it doesn't just pass through your gut and have no effect

… if the probiotic bacteria are even ALIVE.

It's hard to believe that an entire industry was created from what often seem like selling placebos and calling them supplements. We think it gives people false hope that they could improve their health. And millions take these inert pills, thinking they'll fix their gut microbiomes. Unfortunately, they typically fix nothing, and the research bears that out.

It's about time we got a solution more effective than empty pills.

If you want the cheapest option, whether or not it works, go ahead and find the cheapest probiotic you can at your local drugstore. Sadly, even many of the more expensive options are equally ineffective.

But if you want something that works; that’s designed to survive your stomach acid, populate the wall of your gut, and stay around long enough to deliver healing colonies of bacteria to your microbiome, try Doctor's Biome.

You've suffered long enough.

Let Doctor's Biome be the last probiotic you buy. And get your life back.

For just $5 a shot each day,
Doctor's Biome Colon Health:

>> Promotes normal digestion with fifteen healthy strains of bacteria that replenish your gut.

>> Balances the microbiome with living bacteria that edge out harmful microorganisms.

>> Boosts immunity by restoring the barriers that block pathogens from the bloodstream.

>> Enhances nutrient absorption with bacteria that produce vitamins and support healthy metabolism.

Most importantly, it works!!

Take a look at what our customers have been saying:

After spending a fortune trying different probiotics, our customers finally found the one that gave them the relief they sought for so long.

"I then was introduced to Doctor's Biome colon health and the results blew me away. I couldn't believe how fast it took effect and within just a couple days I wasn't bloated, then a lot of the irritability started to subside. My body felt totally different and now I don't know what I would do without it. I don't like taking medication. The only thing I have ever taken regularly was an aspirin for my shoulder and I take a multivitamin and that's not even every day. Since I have been taking Doctor's Biome this is something that I take everyday and never miss because it truly works. I was introduced to it 2 yrs ago and my life and health has been so much better since. Words cannot express how great it is to not have pain or discomfort all the time. I highly recommend this supplement." — Breanna G.

"Feeling Better: Day 45 of taking 1, 2 once bottle of Drs Biome daily. Results: Better low end intestinal function. Constipation as a side effect of medications has been mitigated. It seems that as my 'Gut' works more efficiently, my energy levels are increased, my appetite is more consistent and I am more 'regular.' Try Drs Biome for 30 days, what do you have to lose? Yet you have so much to gain. Thank you Drs Biome for the Life changing therapy." — Zach G.

"I am a 70 year old woman who has suffered with a chronic and serious digestive disorder my life long. Trying just about every treatment available. Many many types of probiotics and dietary guidelines Nothing really gave me consistant relief. Then during a visit with my 93 year old mother shared her supply of Doctors Biome with me. Over the course of daily use for my seven day visit great change took place. The Constipation, bloating, gas, cramping and chronic fatigue which had plagued me were Gone. Along with dietary changes and daily walks Doctors Biome has become part of my daily life. It has been a month and I feel so much better and are so grateful and happy.Thank you all the folks who make this product great work!" — Rona R.

"I have been using Doctors Biome and I have had many positive medical benefits. I highly recommend it to everyone." — Cicely Tyson, Academy Award Winning Actress

"Cedric, my 42 year old son, a dentist came in contact with something that gave him horrible diarrhea for several weeks.. Colonoscopy nor cultures could pin point the source. He has been on Doctor's Biome for a couple of months now. Problem cleared up right away....he won't be without it now. His wife and my grandkids take it daily now too. As do I. Howard knows what he is talking about for sure!" — Cris Duval of Loop101 Endodontics

"I have had chronic diarrhea and gas for over 20 years. I used Immodium to treat it until it became so persistent my Gastroenterologist prescribed. Using Doctor's Biome had rapid and favorable symptom relief. The taste is also pleasant, this is an excellent probiotic." — Martha R.

"This is an excellent, high quality effective product." — Bijan P. (MD) of Bijan Pourat MD Inc.

"There was a time in my life that I didn't have to plan my life around my problem. Where I could go and do as I please and not have to worry about the consequences. And like many of us, I too, started to develop some gut issues as I got older like bloating, irritability, inconsistency, pain, etc. However, when I had my gallbladder removed and was diagnosed with I.B.S. I didn't realize how life changing that was going to be. Like learning an entirely new diet and having to make sure that if I wanted to go out to eat and have fun I had to make sure I planned everything cause I didn't know how my body was going to react. Years of this became the new norm for me and I had accepted this was life. This is the most effective probiotic I've tried and I've tried all the best. I immediately get a lift from it, have stronger stamina, and have become a happier person. So I gave it to my cat. He had chronic GI problems and bleeding, I had spent a fortune on a whole host of probiotics and this is the first to have a significant impact. I read more about reviews stating Awesome Probiotics for People and Pets. Now at two months, and his condition has improved considerably, the bleeding has stopped, and he's turned into a sweet, happy, playful little guy. No more fighting with my other cat. The same changes occurred for a friend of mine. His cat had years of serious GI issues and his cat is doing so much better. In only one month, he's now able to digest his food normally and his aggressive behavior towards the other cats in his home has stopped completely. He has also become a sweet, happy, mellow cat. This is really great stuff, a must-have for a much improved quality-of-life for you and your most loved species." — Natasha S.

"My doctor started me on this when I had some intestinal bug and it stopped my diarrhea after 1 dose. Continued it for about 2 weeks then stopped for several days. I take it occasionally when I feel like my gut needs it. I think more people would use it if the price were lower." — Donna B. (Hypnotist) of Wise Mind Hypnosis

"Been taking Dr Biome for 6 weeks and have been feeling so much better. No afternoon bloat. I am hopefully that this will continue." — Isabel C.

"My husband and I both had been on multiple courses of antibiotics in the recent or distant past and had tried to restore our gut biomes with over-the-counter probiotic pills. But when we started taking Doctor's Biome, we both noted independently that we 'felt' better in general, and I am not one to imagine effects that aren't there. The taste is sweet and tart, easy to take in the morning 2 hours before eating. I will be ordering more to use periodically for a week or two for a boost during the year, and to keep some on hand." — Patricia O.

"The product is the best I've had. My overall health had improved...I've always had problems with digestion since using Doctor's Biome no more problems...my daughter enjoys it as well...starting to get my weight stable. Thank u for the discounts...it helps tremendously. I must say this is absolutely the best. Thanks for all u do." — Odessa W.

"I love Doctor's Biome! I'm on monthly auto ship and it's really convenient. I start each day with a serving. I feel better taking this product. Oh by the way, customer service is awesome. Highly recommend! 5 Stars for sure!" — Kathy N.

"My only regret is that the bottle is not larger because it tastes so yummy! My whole family loves it!" — Lisa B.

"The product works, and I feel so much better when I start my day with it. The customer service is top notch, and I recommend Doctor's Biome highly!" — Julia M.

"I felt better almost immediately. Have tried other probiotics for gut issues, and other issues..this is the best I have ever tried for overall health, no need for digestive enzymes anymore either with this. Truly a supplement I will continue, feel great on it!!..tastes great as well! J.F." — Joanne F.

"I am thankful for a sister in the Lord that introduced me to these probiotics for the first time, they have been helping me along the way in my health. I am 71 years old and I need good probiotics in my gut. I wish she had a payment plan, because I would get them every month because I have retired. I give her a high rating" — Evelyn P.

"I have suffered with a severe gluten intolerance and leaky gut for 9 years, and have tried too many supplements to count, but after a bout with diverticulitis, my physician recommended Doctor’s Biome, and almost immediately I noticed a difference in my gut! I do not experience the burning discomfort in my right side anymore, nor do I have to take as many digestive enzymes after my meals as I’ve been accustomed to taking. It truly is a blessing!" — Karen E.

"This product is the best I've ever tried. It's a breath of fresh air learning how much money and research was put into formulating this product. Quality product and this company is just getting started!" — Mike V.

"This has been a game changer in my probiotic maintenance. The taste is fabulous and I look forward to waking up to my shot of gut clearing and protection!!" — Coral G.

"I have been receiving wonderful results. I have recommended it to my wife and she is using it as well. She is feeling much better in her stomach, She loves it!" — Adewole H.

"Finally I am having normal BM’s every single day. No more constipation." — Linette R.

"I heard about Doctor's Biome from a friend and decided to give it a try, as I am a true believer in probiotics. To my delight and surprise, my stomach has been feeling calm and I am experiencing less gas, especially in the morning. It has a refreshing taste and it also seems to curb my appetite a bit in the morning. I am a true believer." — Donna B.

"I have used for a few weeks and then had a gap in between orders. I certainly can tell a difference. Also other members of my family are using-my 10 year old granddaughter undergoing chemo treatment-has said this is a “miracle” with her issues with all the medications she takes. The only issue we have had is being able to obtain it-something I know is being worked on. Thank you for quick responses and great customer service-but most importantly a fantastic product." — Brenda S.

"I have been taking the supplement for about a week now. Seems very Ok. The taste is good and I am feeling better with every day. Thank you very much." — Lyudmila K.

"I love this product! It’s the only pro and pre biotic that has taken care of bloating!" — Molly F.

For just $5 a shot each day, Doctor's Biome Colon Health:

Each and every batch of patent-pending Doctor's Biome is tested by an independent, FDA-accredited microbiology lab for safety (absence of pathogens). This product is safe to consume and is dairy-free.

Every day, with Doctor’s Biome, you can:

  • Promotes Normal Digestion
  • Balances the Microbiome
  • Boosts your Immunity
  • Enhances Nutrient Absorption

Did you know?

Approximately 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Probiotics aid in restoring the intestinal barrier, which prevents destructive microorganisms from entering our bloodstream. This protects our body from harmful bacteria, thus boosting our immune defense.

The 15 scientifically backed strains of probiotics in Doctor's Biome also aid in the production of vitamins, which may help enhance nutrient and mineral absorption from the foods we consume. This process can support healthy metabolism for improved weight, higher energy, and reduced lethargy.

Still hesitant? Don't be. Because Doctor's Biome comes with the ultimate risk-free guarantee.

We are so confident that Doctor's Biome will change your life forever and for good that we guarantee it works—or your money back.

Buy a 30-day supply (including FREE shipping) of Doctor's Biome and try it for two weeks.

If you don't feel it made a meaningful difference to your health, we will refund the full purchase price. Plus you can keep the rest and give it to a family member or friend. It might help.

Make a one-time purchase of $169.99 (thirty shots). Or you can subscribe and save 10%. Because each shipment is sent on a 30-day, 45-day, 60-day, or 90-day schedule. Shipping is free. And remember, if you're not satisfied, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.



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