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A breakthrough health technology 30 years in the making rebuilds your immune system, restores your gut microbiome, and reverses painful symptoms — all with a unique 100% organic vegetable and fruit juice, combined with microbes your body needs.

If you are done suffering from digestive issues, we have an important message for you. The information on this page may change your life. To learn how, please read all the way to the end.

Hello, I'm Dr. Howard Robins.

In 1973, I received my doctorate from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. At several nursing homes, I served as the Director of Podiatric Medicine, and this woke me up to a crucial fact we all understand at a fundamental level: Prevention is better than a cure. The pharmaceutical industry made a lot of money off of treatments and cures, so I sought another way.

After six years of practicing standard modern medicine and surgery, I delved into the world of alternative medicine, where I gained expert knowledge of natural healing and bio-oxidative therapies.

My use of medical ozone when treating serious infectious diseases led me to probiotics as a treatment option. But it also opened my eyes to the limitations of current probiotic products like those on the shelves at your local grocery or health food store.

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and constipation are often advised to, “Take a probiotic.”

The problem is, probiotics don't work. Not even a little bit; they're no better than placebos!

For just $5 a shot each day,
Doctor's Biome Colon Health:

>> Promotes normal digestion with fifteen healthy strains of bacteria that replenish your gut.

>> Balances the microbiome with living bacteria that edge out harmful microorganisms.

>> Boosts immunity by restoring the barriers that block pathogens from the bloodstream.

>> Enhances nutrient absorption with bacteria that produce vitamins and support healthy metabolism.

Most importantly, it works!!


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