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Looking for complete IBS support?

Doctor's Biome Colon Health provides a holistic solution - a supplement with both prebiotics and probiotics in an organic vegetable fruit juice.

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Why your IBS Medical Food isn’t working

Proactive Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Medical food only provides prebiotics or nutrients to feed the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics alone may work for those who already have enough good bacteria for normal digestive function.

But for those of us born with a gut microbiome lacking in the amount and diversity of healthy bacteria, a combination of both prebiotics and probiotics may be necessary.

A doctor-formulated prebotic-probiotic formula targeting colon health

Our team of expert doctors and scientists formulated Doctor’s Biome to include both prebiotics and probiotics. Doctor’s Biome was created with one goal in mind - to help people with their gut and digestion issues.

“I was not satisfied with the products on the market. I didn’t think they addressed the issues of the gut and digestion. After two arduous years, I thought I had something great. I wasn’t sure until I started giving it to my patients and was blown away by the results! My patients were experiencing the benefits quickly and effectively.” 

- Dr. Howard Robins, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

Doctor's Biome Reviews

I felt better almost immediately. Have tried other probiotics for gut issues, and other issues..this is the best I have ever tried for overall health, no need for digestive enzymes anymore either with this. Truly a supplement I will continue, feel great on it!!..tastes great as well!

- Joanne F.

I have had chronic diarrhea and gas for over 20 years. I used Immodium to treat it until it became so persistent my Gastroenterologist prescribed Lomotil. Using Doctor’s Biome had rapid and favorable symptom relief. The taste is also pleasant, this is an excellent probiotic.

- Martha R.

Doctor's Biome Colon Health Probiotic Drink Green Background
Doctor's Biome Colon Health Probiotic Drink Green Background
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Doctor's Biome Colon Health Probiotic Drink Bottle Back
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Doctor's Biome Colon Health Probiotic Drink 30 Pack

Doctor's Biome Colon Health

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Doctor's Biome Shipping, 5 Star Rating & Guarantee

Choose between 30 Day Supply and 15 Day Supply

27 Billion CFUs | 2 fl. oz. per bottle |  15 Studied Strains

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Doctor's Biome Colon Health is a supplement that provides 15 strains of living probiotics (friendly bacteria). Proper amounts of friendly bacteria may result in improved immune function and overall intestinal health.

Box of 15 Bottles. Shake before use.

Take 30-60 minutes before eating. Shake Gently

  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports immune system
  • Rebalances microbiome
  • Enhances metabolism of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals 

The vegetable-fruit juice blend in Doctor's Biome Colon Health has natural fiber in it. 

When the product is shipped, IF it spends most of the time upside down that fiber moves to the neck/top of the bottle and congeals into a gel like substance. This is absolutely normal. 

Each and every batch of Doctor's Biome is tested by an independent FDA accredited microbiology lab for safety (absence of pathogens). Your product is completely safe to consume.

This is perfectly normal and happens naturally, the fiber is a bit heavier than the liquid so that is why it remains near the top, but this may make Doctor's Biome Colon Health difficult to pour. If this happens to your batch or a few of your bottles, simply add a few drops of water and shake well.