Due to a spike in demand for Doctor's Biome during April, we are temporarily out of product. Any orders recieved will be first in line for our emergency batch.

Why your IBS medical food isn’t working

Medical food only provides prebiotics or nutrients to feed the good bacteria in your gut. Prebiotics alone may work for those who already have enough good bacteria for normal digestive function. But for those of us born with a gut microbiome lacking in the amount and diversity of healthy bacteria, a combination of both prebiotics and probiotics may be necessary.

This is why our team of expert doctors and scientists formulated Doctor’s Biome to include both prebiotics and probiotics. Doctor’s Biome was created with one goal in mind - to help people with their gut and digestion issues.

Dr. Howard Robins, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

“I was not satisfied with the products on the market. I didn’t think they addressed the issues of the gut and digestion. After two arduous years, I thought I had something great. I wasn’t sure until I started giving it to my patients and was blown away by the results! My patients were experiencing the benefits quickly and effectively.”