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Can gut health cause breakouts?

Can gut health cause breakouts?

Everyone wants to feel and look good. That being said, you are what you eat.

There's so much more to skin than what you can see on the surface. There's a connection between your skin, your gut, and your brain.

Your gut microbiome is the total number of living microorganisms present in your GI tract, which includes bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi, and their collective genetic material.

Your brain communicates with the microbiome to regulate certain functions and metabolic processes. There's a link called the gut-brain-skin axis - a highway of messaging that can affect your weight, your mental health, and your skin. The state of your gut can have a major impact on your long term health and state of well-being.

When we feel anxious or nervous and can't eat or "get butterflies in the stomach" when meeting someone new, this is not just the gut microbiome but also exemplifies the strong connection between our gut and our brain.

We should look at our gut as a place to begin feeling healthy and not just as an endpoint when something goes wrong.

How does the condition of your gut show up on your skin?

Disclaimer: Not everyone's skin is as reactive to changes in the gut.

The skin microbiome keeps moisture retention, strengthens the skin barrier, fights pathogens, and prevents acne. 60% of the skin's microbiome is a strain of acne bacteria. Different strains of acne fight breakouts.

Imbalances of skin and gut microbiomes can show up as rashes and bumps on the skin such as flare-ups, rosacea, or even psoriasis. For example, a food allergy can cause you to break out into hives.

Dysbiosis is when there is an imbalance of microflora or "healthy bacteria" to harmful bacteria.

The types of foods we eat eat affect different bacteria in our bodies. Super high processed foods like candy feed the bad bacteria in our microbiome and leads to dysbiosis. 

Probiotics are naturally found in your gut and help with digestion. If you are experiencing gassiness, bloating, or constipation, most likely your gut has too much bad bacteria. 

Probiotics can help to replenish healthy strains of bacteria in your gut. 

Doctor's Biome has 15 out of 17 strains of probiotics to aid in healthy digestion and help create the best environment for good bacteria to thrive.