Can your gut bacteria control your emotions?

Can your gut bacteria control your emotions?

According to Harvard Health, "a troubled intestine can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to the gut."¹  Your anxiety, stress, or depression can be due to GI issues or vice versa.

The gut-brain axis (GBA) is the signaling between our digestive system and central nervous system.² Recent advances in research have described the importance of our gut microbiota (the collection of bacteria in your gut) in influencing the interactions between the brain and the gut.

The link between our gut and brain is a complex communication system, in which your brain and gut are always speaking to each other, and regulating each other's responses.

"Our gut microbiota, interacts with our central nervous system by regulating brain chemistry and influencing neuro-endocrine systems associated with stress response, anxiety and memory function."

This is why certain emotional responses such as stress, anxiety, or fear may trigger a physical response such as diarrhea and vomiting.

In essence, taking care of our gut means we're also taking care of our mental health. If you are experiencing constipation, bloating, or another type of digestive issue it usually means there is too much bad bacteria taking over your gut.

When this occurs, taking probiotics daily can be effective in rebalancing and replenishing your gut microbiome with good bacteria to help combat digestive issues that may arise due to stress or anxiety. 



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