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How probiotics can help with constipation and keep you regular

How probiotics can help with constipation and keep you regular

If you experience constipation more often than not, taking Doctor's Biome daily can help you maintain or achieve regular bowel movements. The probiotics in Doctor's Biome work to keep your colon healthy.

Researchers at King's College in London scoured the medical literature and found 14 studies on the effectiveness of probiotics on constipation. All 14 studies were all clinical trials that randomly assigned people with constipation to take either probiotics or a placebo (or other control treatment).¹

The researchers pooled the data from the 14 studies and found that on average, probiotics increased the number of weekly bowel movements by 1.3, and helped soften stools, making them easier to pass. ² They also found that probiotics that contained Bifidobacterium were the most effective. 

Although there is much more research needed in order to determine exactly which probiotic strain would be most effective in treating constipation, the untapped potential of probiotics is undeniable. 

Furthermore, unlike over the counter medications, probiotics are safe to use daily and can provide lasting, long-term relief. According to Harvard Health, nearly half of people who use over the counter medications such as laxatives and stool softeners "aren't satisfied with the results of such products, citing ineffectiveness or other issues." 

Probiotics help replenish the good bacteria in your gut, which in turn promotes normal digestive function. The 15 out of 17 extensively, researched strains of probiotics in Doctor's Biome specifically targets colon health including bowel regularity.

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