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Why probiotics must be living in order to be effective

Why probiotics must be living in order to be effective

Each bottle of Doctor's Biome varies slightly in taste, texture, and fizziness. This is because our probiotics are actually living and actively working. 

Just how plants grow and carry out biological processes at different rates even in the same environment, so do probiotics. 

Think of each individual bottle as its own environment, similar to potted plants. Doctor's Biome provides a unique experience each time because our probiotics are actually living - the slight variations in taste, texture, and/or fizziness is attributed to the different rates at which the healthy bacteria are working.

Probiotics like plants are living organisms and within each bottle of Doctor's Biome break down the natural sugars and fiber (prebiotics) of the vegetable-fruit juice mixture for food. 

Our probiotics, "the good guys" thrive and populate in the bottle, and then continue to when entering your digestive system. As the "good guys" outnumber the harmful bacteria in your microbiome, this is when your gut starts to rebalance and feel better. 

Unlike other probiotics on the market, we guarantee active, living strains of probiotics with each daily dose that remain alive upon entering your digestive tract and then continue to flourish your microbiome. This is why Doctor's Biome is able to effectively restore your gut.

Doctor's Biome contains 15 patented probiotics targeted to improve your overall health starting in your gut.

We suggest taking Doctor's Biome on an empty stomach or at least 30-60 minutes before a meal for optimal health boosting results.

  • 27 Billion CFUs (colony forming units) in each serving (bottle)
  • 15 scientifically backed strains
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free, soy-free, no preservatives or fillers