Why synbiotics are important?

Why synbiotics are important?

A synbiotic is a combination of active, living cultures of healthy bacteria (probiotics) and types of dietary fiber that feed these healthy bacteria in your gut (prebiotics).

But let's not get too technical, a synbiotic is simply a product/supplement that contains both probiotics and prebiotics. This may be the key in explaining why most commercial probiotics have such varying degrees of effectiveness.

Doctor’s Biome is a perfect example of a synbiotic! It has fiber in the juice mixture that acts as a prebiotic and 15 out of 17 proprietary scientifically-backed strains of probiotics.

So, you why exactly is this important?

When a supplement like Doctor’s Biome has both prebiotics and probiotics they may work synergistically and create a “super additive effect.” The prebiotic fiber in Doctor’s Biome supports the survival of the probiotics, making them more effective.

The fiber provides an energy source for the 15 out of 17 strains of probiotics and can also alter your gut microbiome creating a more favorable environment for the probiotics to survive and do their job. This is a major reason why Doctor’s is so effective and why our customers have seen some major health improvements.


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