Due to a spike in demand for Doctor's Biome during June, we are temporarily out of product. Any orders recieved will be first in line for our next batch.

What's important to understand is that not all probiotics are created equal.

Typical store-bought probiotics in capsule, tablet, or powder form do not guarantee any active cultures of probiotics and in order for probiotics to be effective they must be alive and be able to survive the harsh acidity of the digestive system.

We formulated Doctor's Biome with 15 scientifically-backed patented strains of probiotics in an organic vegetable-fruit juice drink for this very reason. Our strains have been lab-tested to survive the digestive system, which means it can actually target your gut health and help transform your gut microbiome for healthy digestion.

The liquid probiotics field is new and developing, making it harder for us to find competitors and how we stack up. We knew we couldn’t compare to capsule probiotics as we know their probiotics are NOT alive from inception to ingestion.

We did some research and compared ourselves to other similar companies and products and we were ASTONISHED at the results. The results showed that Doctor’s Biome had the most probiotic strains and the highest number of active CFUs amongst all competitors!

So if you want to try the product with the highest probiotic “punch” get Doctor’s Biome today!

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Doctor's Biome is a probiotic wellness shot with 15 different strains of living, active cultures of probiotics for digestive health and immune support.

This dietary supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.