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Doctor's Biome Open Clinical Trial

Dietary Management of C. diff Infection

Principal Investigator - Dr. Howard Robins (Chief Medical Officer of Doctor's Biome)

Institutional Review Board - Biomedical Research Alliance of New York (BRANY)

About the Product:

Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical Food has been developed for the dietary management of C. diff under the supervision of a physician.

Each serving of Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical Food contains 60 billion CFUs of Doctor's Biome Signature Probiotic Blend (DBSPB) mixed with our 100% organic Proprietary Green Juice Blend.

Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical food is free from dairy, soy, gluten, added sweeteners, artificial coloring, and preservatives.

Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical Food is packaged in 2 fl oz amber tinted glass bottles.

Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical Food has a refrigerated best-by date of 120 days from date of manufacture.

The date of manufacture is printed on each bottle.

All products are stored in refrigeration before shipment.


About the Open Clinical Trial:

Doctor's Biome clinical trial is free for enrolled participants.

There is no placebo group in this trial, all participants will receive Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical Food.

The trial duration upon receiving Doctor's Biome Probiotic Medical Food is 4 weeks.

Participants will be required to fill out a pretrial questionnaire and 4 weekly questionnaires.

Participants must remain under the supervision of a physician for the duration of this trial.


Qualifications for Open Clinical Trial Enrollment:

The following is required for participant enrollment

  • Completion of trial registration documents (informed consent form and HIPAA)

  • Medical records to confirm current diagnosis of C. diff infection

  • Completion of pretrial questionnaire

  • Agreement by physician to supervise participants for the duration of this trial.

For full information about the trial and enrollment please read the trial registration documents enclosed below

Here is a testimonial from one patient:

Rona R.’s story:

I have been using Doctor’s Biome probiotic food supplement for several years. In August of 2022 I was prescribed antibiotics for dental surgery. The dental surgery spanned from August to October 2022, and I remained on antibiotics off and on in 7–10-day intervals for that period of time.

During my use of antibiotics, I ran out and stopped using Doctor’s Biome, mostly due to limited finances from the dental surgical costs. So, from October 19th to the month of November 2022 I was not using Doctor’s Biome daily (51 days) a critical error and a costly mistake on me.

On October 24th I developed severe diarrhea, abdominal pain, extreme bloating and fatigue. If you have C. diff I’m certain you know what I mean.  
I felt so sick, so I went to went to my primary care doctor. She asked if I have taken antibiotics recently. I had of course, so she sent me to do a lab test for C-diff.  
She prescribed yet another more powerful antibiotic. I did not take it.  

I called the company and they told me about their new, more powerful, medical food version of Doctor’s Biome and about how their special blend of “Living” probiotics was published in a medical journal to show how it completely suppressed C. diff in laboratory tests.

They sent me Doctor’s Biome free to help relieve my suffering and I received the shipment in 2 days.  
I began taking it daily and the abdominal pain and bloating was much better after just 72 hours.  
Actually, I had normal bowel movements, no pain and no bloating. It was completely gone!

I emailed my doctor and asked if I still needed the antibiotic (which I had not taken). She said, only if the diarrhea returns.
The diarrhea did not return.

It’s now July 2023, I take Doctor’s Biome, the food supplement version, daily and I still have no diarrhea, no bloating, and no pain! That’s my story…you’ve got to use this amazing product; you won’t be sorry.