Our Team

Mission Statement:

Be the Leader in Clinically Validated Juice-Based Probiotics

Rich and Howard, two lifelong friends were having dinner together when Howard was describing how effective a probiotic would be that can be alive inception to ingestion.  A light bulb went off in Rich’s head and out of that random dinner Doctor’s Biome was born.

It took two years of testing and tweaking and reworking the formula.  Many sleepless nights and many frustrating days, but there is an old saying “nothing worth having comes easy.”  Well the development of Doctor’s Biome was certainly not easy, but to come up with a scientifically superior product is no easy task. 

Finally through all the hard work of our Chief Science and Technology officer, Reza Kamarei PHD, we developed an amazing product that is both effective and tastes great.  It has always been the passion of our team to do whatever possible to better the lives of our customers and with that in mind we hope our products help you in your wellness journey.