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Why a plant-based diet is linked to gut bacteria that lowers your risk of disease

Why a plant-based diet is linked to gut bacteria that lowers your risk of disease

All of us are born with a different composition of gut bacteria, but ultimately our diet is what significantly impacts the balance of good to bad bacteria in our gut microbiome.

According to an article in the Harvard Gazette, "a diet rich in healthy and plant-based foods is linked with the presence and abundance of certain gut microbes that are also associated with a lower risk of developing conditions such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease."¹

PREDICT1 (Personalized Responses to Dietary Composition Trial 1) Study highlights how we may be able to prevent serious health problems by simply changing our diet to feed the good bacteria in our gut, which thrive on fiber-rich foods like green leafy vegetables

“When you eat, you’re not just nourishing your body, you’re feeding the trillions of microbes that live inside your gut," says epidemiologist, Tim Spector of Kings College London.

This is another reason why Doctor's Biome delivers its probiotics in an organic, vegetable-fruit juice. The dietary fiber in of our proprietary green juice blend provides a nutritious source for the good bacteria to grow and thrive. 

The good and bacteria all compete for the same space and nutrients in your gut and so as the bad bacteria outnumbers the good, this is how your digestion begins to normalize

Taking Doctor's Biome daily helps to maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria, which in turn can have far-reaching benefits beyond just your gut health. 

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