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Why taking your probiotics before breakfast is the best time of day

Why taking your probiotics before breakfast is the best time of day

If you're not seeing the results you expected from taking probiotics, have you considered taking them before breakfast?

According to a PubMed research study, "probiotics given 30 minutes after the meal did not survive in high numbers."¹ 

Stomach acid production is likely at its lowest in the morning, and thus probiotics have a much greater chance to make it into your small and large intestines before breakfast.

Probiotics will have a greater effect in your small intestine or large intestine if you take them before you eat. Prior to eating, the stomach will be relaxed and much less acidic and this will allow the probiotics to travel through your digestive system. 

Taking a probiotic with your meal may end up being counterproductive.  Acid within the stomach that's breaking down your food may also degrade the probiotic in the stomach before it has a chance to take effect in its intended location. 

When taking probiotics, consistency is key to reap the multitude of benefits. We recommend taking Doctor's Biome everyday at the same time of day, 30 minutes before eating. 

Doctor's Biome was made to survive the harsh acidity of the stomach, but more of the "good guys" will be able to survive, when stomach acidity is low. 

The strains of probiotics in Doctor's Biome were specifically chosen to target your colon to help normalize digestive function.

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