Due to a spike in demand for Doctor's Biome during April, we are temporarily out of product. Any orders recieved will be first in line for our emergency batch.

Why Doctor's Biome?

Why Doctor's Biome?

Every week new studies are being published on the connection between our gut microbiome and the heath and function of virtually every organ in our body. PubMed (www.PubMed.gov) lists over twenty thousand papers on the subject, adding new ones daily.

What you likely didn’t know is that all probiotics in capsule, tablet or powder may have been live at the time of manufacture (appears on many labels legally) but they are in a so called “suspended animation” hoping to come back to life when hydrated in the highly acidic environment of the stomach. 

It took almost three years to create a probiotic product that meets all of your needs to rebalance your biome and help re-create a healthy gut.

What makes Doctor’s Biome different from other probiotics?

  • Doctor formulated! Our team of doctors have created a proprietary blend of 15 strains of probiotics that have been chosen from clinical studies especially those beneficial to compete against C. difficile and other intestinal conditions. Our chosen probiotics are sourced from the world's leading supplier of probiotics (DuPont).
  • 27 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Unit) of pre-hydrated, actively living probiotics in each 2-ounce bottle at time of manufacture. Doctor’s Biome is living and growing and thriving from day one - ready to function! As the product ages, it becomes even more potent providing you don’t exceed the ambient storage temperature or shelf-life. 
  • Doctor’s Biome probiotics are delivered in natural blend of organic vegetable & fruit juices (mint juice, cucumber juice, apple juice, lettuce juice, kale juice, celery juice and lemon juice) with a delicious fruity sweet/tart taste. 
  • While there is 4.5gram of natural sugar in this product, mostly from apple juice, once the probiotics are mixed with the juice, the probiotics immediately starts to consume the natural sugar, causing slight tartness.
  • Shelf stable for two months stored at room temperature (70F) and four months refrigerated.Do not allow to freeze or be heated.
  • Every batch of Doctor’s Biome Colon Health is tested by an independent, FDA-registered accredited microbiology lab for safety (absence of pathogens).
  • To be taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating to ensure transmission into the gut.

Doctor’s Biome Colon Health 15-strain probiotics compete with and exclude a spectrum of harmful bacteria and yeasts (e.g., Clostridium difficile and Candida albican) and aid in bringing your gut environment in balance once again, thus helping to reestablish a healthy gut and normalize digestion!